Capitalism Makes Resources Of Us All

The circulation of capital for profit, the essential structure that ungirds the machinations of the capitalist system, transforms everyone and everything into potential commodities, resources to be plundered.
Retail workers strain their smiles, forced to use their emotions as tools for affective labor. The customer comes first only as the signal for profit to be made.

Backs are broken in warehouses, moving boxes from one place to another–human bodies reduced to gears for the movement of objects, for the symbolic translation of thing into money.

Women must fight again and again to have rights over their bodies, their very wombs alienated by conservative laws that make abortion illegal, that capture the essentially human act of reproduction into the circulation of capital.

The bodies, souls, cultures, and lands of people all over the world, historically excluded from being the subjects of capital accumulation, are forced to be mere resources, the objects of exploitation. From the appropriation of hairstyles to the appropriation of land, the marginalized other is made to be an object of plunder for the circuitous profit cycles of money capital, symbolic capital, cultural capital–all intertwined in racism, sexism, ableism.

Capitalism commodifies oppression, incentivizes it by tying it to profit, making the marginalized into resources to justify their exploitation. When everything is in the domain of the market, anything can be liquidated into capital. When everything is subject to liquidation and circulation, everything that is not a commodity is a profane waste, a relic in need of a system update.

We are alienated by power itself. We adapt to a system we created. We sharpen ourselves against a whetstone we designed–our beings sharp enough to cut and sharp enough to disappear.

Power isn’t secure like it was in the days of kings. It must constantly be grown or else it can wither, the constant crises of late capitalism capturing everything within the possibility of collapse and disaster.

Profit has become an uncontrollable beast that must be ridden until it throws off its rider and devours it.

It must be re-territorialized, re-fought, re-won, re-done. It must be reaffirmed. Like masculinity, like the nation state, like whiteness, it is in a constant state of insecurity that must be purged of foreign agents even as it must be expanded, colonizing foreign territories.

Growth is paramount and corruption inevitable. Everything becomes a resource to growth, profit that is existentially provisional and contingent upon that necessarily mortal growth. We reach not for the legacy of eternity but for the morality of wealth within one lifetime, the consequences on future generations, the planet, and others be damned.

The world shrinks such that endless growth can seem possible; the horizon suffocatingly near just so that we can meet it, crash against it–seemingly defeat it, again and again, even as we crumble, fragile, against the self imposed limit, the wall. We bury the future under the totalizing growth of the present, possibility itself captured in the domains of debt and growth.

Capitalism makes resources of us all. Structurally, essentially, irrevocably it seeks to eliminate the wasteful human from its brutal calculation. We have to resist capitalism, and imagine an alternative, emergent future–and organize to enact it–or else every resource will be extracted. Including us.


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